Fried Wonton

Chicken and shrimp wonton.



Japanese green bean.



Steamed or fried pork dumpling in wonton wrap.


Fried Tofu

Sweet chili sauce and peanut.


Spring Roll

Cabbage, carrot, celery, and glass noodle.


Thai Dumpling

Steamed or fried chicken and shrimp dumpling.


Chive Dumpling

Steamed or fried chive dumpling.


Chicken Satay

Served with cucumber sauce and peanut sauce.


Chicken Wing

Fried chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce.


Chive Pancake

Fried chive pancake served with dumpling sauce.


Curry Puff

Chicken, curry powder, onion, and potato.


Fish Cake

Cucumber, peanut, and sweet chili sauce.


Fried Calamari

Served with peanut and sweet chili sauce.


Shrimp Roll

Fried shrimp roll.


Vegetable Dumpling

Cabbage, carrot, spinach, and vermicelli.


Chicken Gyoza

Fried chicken dumplings.


Crab Rangoon

Imitation crab and cream cheese.


Roti Canai

Roti breads served with massaman sauce.


Mixed Appetizers

Spring roll, shrimp roll, chicken gyoza, vegetable dumplings, steamed pork shumai, and crab rangoon.